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This is still not a complete work, we are translating the Arabic Church's Fathers dictionary:
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Current transleted Saints biographies:


Abraam , the Bishop
Abou Fana
Abba Noufer ,the tourist
Abou Yasser El-Kastal
Ibrahim Roufail El-Toukhy Bk
Abamoun the martyr
Abamoun El –Tarnoute, the Martyr
Apamon of Toukh
Bademus Martyr
Pastor and Justus the Martyrs
Basidi The Martyr
Barsas the bishop
Basilaws the Bishop
Basilides 1
Basilides the Martyr
Aboo El Karaam
Aboo Zekree
Son of El Makeen
Abtalmawes The Martyr
Aboo El Makareem
Ebn Kebar
Aboo Dakn
Aboo El Maleeh
Aboo El Yomen Youssef
The Saints Appollo and Amoun
The Saints: Appollo and Abeeb
The Saints Appolloo and Youhanna (John)
A1- St Abrakios
St Abramius
St Abraham (Ibrahim) the Disciple of St Sisoes El Tabayesee
St Beesada (Absaadi)
Aboo Saad Mansour
Abibus The Martyr 2
Galation and Epestem The two Martyrs
Apollonius the Apologist
Bishop Atonomisi The Martyr
The Castrated Atrobios
The Agnostios Atrobios
Abeemacoos El Fermi Saint
The Two Epimachius and Alexander
Abeemachos and Azrianos The two Martyrs
Epipodius and Iskander The Martyrs
Apollonius The Monk
Apollonia the Martyred
Pope Apolides The Martyr
Apeema the Martyr
Apiphanios The Bishop Of Salamees Saint
Aporoo and Athoom The Martyrs
Abeemachoos Elfermi Martyer
Atherya Father
Athnasius Bishop Of Koos
Athnasius The Martyr Bishop
The 76Th Pope Athnasius the 3rd
The 20th Pope Athnasius the Apostolic
Athnasius The Martyr
Athnasius The Saint
Athinagoras philosopher
Athinugenis The Martyr
Agricola The Martyr
Ajins The Martyred
St. Ackhelas
Deacon Achilleus the Martyered
Ackhelaus the Martyred 2
Adhaktios the Martyred
Saint Adrian and Saint Natalia
Adolegus the Tartosi
The Adrosis the Martyred
Erasmus Saint the Matyred Bishop
Irtemas the martyred
St. Ardalio Martyr
Arsekeus the Confessor
Arsenious Saint
Arsenious the slave of Sosenyos
Arsenious and Olugios The Martyrs
Arsenious and Phelimon The Martyrs
Ariston Martyr
Arstides the defender of the Christian Faith
Areston of Pella The Christian Defender
Arestos the Apostle
Arsvios and Arkiyas Martyrs
Archillos St
Archillides St
Archilaus the XVIII Pope
Arcadeus Martyr
Arkanius the Magistrate of Samanood Martyr
Armanios Father
Jeremiah monk of Menofia
Jeremiah Martyr
Ariana the magistrate of Onsna
Austerius Bishop of Amasea
Asterius the Sophist
Astirius Martyr
Astirius St.
Astirius Father
The forty first Pope Isaac
Isaac El Dafrawi Martyr
Stephan the first The Bishop of Rome
Agabus,one of the seventy Apostles
Aghapy The Virgin Martyr
Agabitos Bishop
Agabitos Martyr
Agabios Martyr
Agatawedrous Martyr
The Chaste Martyr Agathe
Martyr Agathangelos 1
Martyr Agathangelos 2
Agathopus and Theodulus Martyrs
Martyr Agathus-1
Martyr Agathus-2
The thirty ninth Pope Agathon
Martyr Agathon
Agathon Saint
Gregory Armenian St.
St Gregory the Monk
father Abba Ari El Chtanofi Martyr
The Apostle Aristo Paul
Athnasius the Second The 28th Pope
Augustine St.
Agnatius the Theophoros St.
Evantius Martyr
Afberbios Father
Euftychus St.
Eutychia Martyr 2
Afra Martyr
Euphrasia St.
Afratts Father
Aphraim the Syrian The Saint
Avraam the Martyr
Afrahat The Saint 2
Burnout The Martyr
Africius Bishop of Hierapolis The Saint
Avrosina The Saint
Euphrosyne The Saint
Avronia The Martyr
Avronia the virgin
Avstratios The Martyr
Plato The Martyr
Avlympios and Ovllambip the Saints
Avozs the Martyr
Aqladeus Martyr
Acacius the Patriarch of Constantinople
Acacius the virtuous
Acacius Bishop of Peru, Syria
Pavnotios the hermit the saint
Baladios Bishop The Saint



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